The dissolution of the sacred in the contemporary world I International Symposium on Religious Mystics and Heterodoxies September 8, 9 and 10, 2021 Barcelona. Presence-based and virtual modalities. Escaped from the closed and secluded place where the Secularization process of modernized societies tried to confine it, Religion -understood as the field of communication with theSigue leyendo «Presentation»

Administrative approach to religious practice in secularized contexts

The separation between public life and religious practice that the project of a secularized and lay modernity presupposed results in a particular and often ambiguous approach to religiosity by those administrations that present themselves as secular and non-denominational. In this framework, experience of the sacred is presented as a cultural issue, depoliticized and even exoticizedSigue leyendo «Administrative approach to religious practice in secularized contexts»

New popular devotions

What is it that now constitutes what we once called “popular religiosity”? What is today, the religious dimension of popular culture or even of mass culture? Approaching the unknown but omnipresent is what visitors to sacred places seek that are no longer just temples or shrines, but customary settings. Buildings, streets, urban peripheries, and naturalSigue leyendo «New popular devotions»

Religion as domestication or resistance

Contacts with the dark or bright side of reality can imply stigmatization of the humans involved in them, but also quotas of freedom in situations of postponement. In some cases, mystical experience or the expectation of salvation or inclusion in religious groups perceived as socially threatening, could involve survival strategies, opportunities for resistance or instrumentsSigue leyendo «Religion as domestication or resistance»

One-person spiritualities and beliefs without congregation

The experience of the sacred does not lose its validity, although it is expressed with new cultural guidelines and content. It takes the form of revelations, spells, visions, ecstasies, omens, paranormal phenomena, contacts with spiritual or ineffable entities of various kinds, which are carried out by seers, mediums, shamans, practitioners of magic, initiates, enthusiastic experimenters…Sigue leyendo «One-person spiritualities and beliefs without congregation»

Ancient gods, remote cults, arcane knowledge

In an age where all kinds of religious amalgams proliferate, we see that new old cults rescued from oblivion are incorporated, beliefs and rites that existed or that are imagined as existing in the past, exotic worldviews that are moved by pollination. These are neo-paganisms or practices and doctrines that are presented as neo-traditional, theSigue leyendo «Ancient gods, remote cults, arcane knowledge»

Violence against the sacred, today

Any form of subjugation or suppression of an enemy or rival requires the deactivation of the higher instances from which its identity obtained its ultimate meaning. For this, those who attack know the importance of offending or disrespecting the things, the spaces, the moments and the people that their enemies venerate. In what does violenceSigue leyendo «Violence against the sacred, today»

The Irruption of the occult

Surely all human societies have made social life with another society ordinarily impalpable to the senses, except in the form of a chill or a shudder, of unexpected invocation or irruptions, or even through intermediate objects. This other society is inhabited by exceptional beings, the exchange with which is carried out intermittently, through random andSigue leyendo «The Irruption of the occult»

See the light, open the eyes

Conversion experience, as a sudden or gradual revelation of a true until that moment hidden, can emerge as a way of new lucidity. This intense experience of the real, can sometimes lead to withdrawal in an intimate experience, shared, sometimes in secret, with those who have received the same illumination. But conversion can also translateSigue leyendo «See the light, open the eyes»