The dissolution of the sacred in the contemporary world

I International Symposium on Religious Mystics and Heterodoxies

September 8, 9 and 10, 2021

Barcelona. Presence-based and virtual modalities.

Escaped from the closed and secluded place where the Secularization process of modernized societies tried to confine it, Religion -understood as the field of communication with the supernatural-, in diverse forms that reach ritual, spiritual, therapeutic, divinatory or “magical” expressions, has dispersed through all corners of social life and, now, acts without a center, dislocated, sneaking through the interstices that she often opens herself by adopting new cultural guidelines and contents, recycling old ones and using discourses from traditionally “separate” areas such as science and technology. Religion tends to be, nowadays, everywhere and nowhere. We could speak of the growing pre-eminence of informality in religious matters, materialized in the multiplication of faiths without dogma, believers without a church, spiritual leaders without a community and spiritualities without venue. For this reason, we call this symposium to talk about the “dissolution” of the sacred, taking the idea of a text by Pierre Bourdieu on the outbreak of Religion in contemporary societies.

1. See the light, open the eyes. Conversion stories and dynamics.

2. The Irruption of the occult. Apparitions and appeared.

3. Violence against the sacred, today.

4. Sanctified bodies. Charisms, possessions and other ways to embody the divine and the evil.

5. Ancient gods, remote cults, arcane knowledge.

6. One-person spiritualities and beliefs without congregation.

7. Religion as domestication or resistance.

8. New popular devotions.

9. Administrative approach to religious practice in secularized contexts.

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